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1。总结(1)在主营业务报告期内,公司主要业务没有发生重大变化。目前,公司业务围绕高端制造、精密制造、产品主要包括压缩机、高效精密刀具。s、真空泵、液压泵、精密传动件等机械产品,是一家生产、研发、销售高端精密机械零件和设备的制造企业。独立经营,报告期内,企业部门稳步发展,取得了良好的经济效益。(2)报告期内,公司整体经营状况良好,总营业收入达到707.9842亿元,增长46.33%。年内,压缩机产品及相关业务收入增长27.32%,达到3.520516亿元,占营业收入的49.73%,高效精密刀具及相关业务收入增长34.81%,达到239.516毫升。占总收入的33.83%,占精密传动元件及相关业务收入的40.50%,占总收入的50.89%,占液压泵及相关业务收入的70.1785%,占总收入的9.91%。公司业务板产品已得到市场的认可,并取得了良好的经济效益。(3)研发投资公司始终把自主创新和技术研发放在首位,注重核心技术的培育,坚持科技之路。技术创新、专业化、分工。公司成立了专业的研发队伍,成立了浙江省高新技术企业研发中心和宁波企业工程十博官网备用网址,其中螺杆压缩机研究学院先后被授予宁波企业研究所和浙江博斯能源装备技术研究所,并被授予浙江省2014年企业研究所。建立良好的技术交流与合作渠道,提高技术研发的理论基础和水平。(4)在报告期内,公司管理层实施了良好的业务发展战略。On the one hand, it strengthens internal management and control, improves incentive and assessment system, attaches importance to team building and R&D investment; on the other hand, it takes the initiative to cope with the new situation of the market, enhances market development and cultivation, aND努力维护公司,为持续增长打下基础。2。公司面临的风险及对策1。Risk companies that can not bring benefits as scheduled to raise funds for investment projects include: screw compressor main engine construction projects, screw compressor whole machine industrialization projects, research and development center construction projects.The company's major assets reorganization and financing projects include: high-efficiency cutting tools for precision CNC machine tools to expand production projects, research and development center projects, annual output of 8 million worm shaft technical transformation projects, high-precision worm shaft series product development center construction projects.Although fund-raising investment projects are based on full market research and prudent demonstration, it is still a long time for investment projects to reach full production, market demand environment changes, competitive enterprise capacity expansion and other factors lead to related products in the future market growth less than expected, or the actual completion of the project after the project.The economic benefits produced by the project may be different from the company's forecast, and there is a risk that the expected investment returns will not be按计划实现。2。Goodwill impairment risk companies formed by the acquisition of Companies in recent years with the help of the capital market platform, mergers and acquisitions of upstream and downstream industrial chain restructuring, in the consolidated balance sheet formed a certain amount of goodwill.Although the company has agreed on performance commitments and compensation measures with counterparties, to a large extent, to compensate for the loss of goodwill impairment may occur, but if the relevant subsidiaries'future operating conditions deteriorate, performance commitments can not be achieved, theRE是商誉受损的风险,这将对公司目前的损益产生不利影响。3。The management and control risks brought about by the continuous expansion of the scale since the listing, the original asset scale, production and marketing scale, personnel scale has been expanding, the number of mergers and acquisitions of subsidiaries continues to increase, organizational structure and management system become more complex.The difficulty of company management decision-making and risk control is increasing, which challenges the management level, risk prevention and control ability, resource integration ability and collaborative work ability of the management team. The demand for middle and senior technical and management personnel is increasing day by day.Although the company's current management configuration is reasonable and experienced, but if the company can not effectively control and manage in the process of expanding the scale, can not improve the ma管理能力和水平,完善内部控制制度,公司将面临一定的管理和控制风险。3。Core Competence Analysis (1) Product Strategic Positioning Advantage Company Product Import Replacement Market Strategy.The technical level and energy efficiency level of the company's products have been in the leading position in the industry, and it has the advantages of scale, brand and cost. By constantly improving the basic parts and components of industrial machinery and manufacturing technology of the whole machine, improving product quality, seizing the domestic middle and high-end market, it has the ability to realize the company's products in the field of industrial manufacturing.Import substitution for high-end market.(2) Marketing Network Advantage Company has been focusing on the establishment of marketing network and the construction of marketing channels, and has set up a number of sales and service companies throughout the country. By covering the main advanced machinery manufacturing industry bases in China and radiating to the whole country, the company can more timely respond to customer needs and provide customers with personalized and high-quality clothing.At the same time, it can rapidly upgrade the company's new product sales and help market development and business expansion.(3) Through mergers and reorganizations, companies with complementary advantages optimize their business content, enrich their product mix, expand their markets at home and abroad, and form complementary advantages.Through resource integration and optimization, a more obvious synergy effect has been formed in technology research and development, customer resources, supply chain procurement, internal management and other aspects, so as to improve the competitiveness of the company and enhance the company's ability to resist risks.